My child has never participated in track and field. Can they still participate? Absolutely! The purpose of the TrackTown Youth League is to be a welcoming introduction to the sport of Track and Field for youth in Oregon.

What is a TurboJav?
A TurboJav is a smaller, kid-friendly version if the javelin. We use 300 gram TurboJavs.

How to I register my child for a TrackTown Youth League meet?
Create or log in into your parent/fan account on Add your child to your account as an “unattached athlete”. Register your child for TrackTown Youth League meets by clicking the links on our website.

If you are using for the first time and need more detailed registration instructions, please click here. If you already have an account and need more instructions, please click here.

How does my child qualify for the Championship?
If your child places in the top two for an event at a regional meet, then they qualify for the championship in that event. Make sure you register with an email your check regularly, because we will communicate important information about the Championship via email.

My child qualified for the Championship already, but we want to participate in another regional meet. What if my child qualifies again? We don’t want to take the opportunity away from another participant.  
At each regional meet, we invite the top two first-time qualifiers in each event. Your child won’t take away anyone’s opportunity to qualify for the championship by participating in another meet. If your child has already qualified and places in the top two again, the next two finishers will receive invitations to the championship.

Do you allow starting blocks?
No. The purpose of the TrackTown Youth League is to be welcoming for all athletes, including those that are trying track and field for the first time. In order to create the most approachable environment, we ask that you do not bring starting blocks.

Do you allow track spikes (special shoes with metal pieces to grip the track)?
Basic athletic shoes work great for participating in our meets, and most participants wear whatever shoes they use for their school PE classes. However, if you have track spikes you can wear them at our meets.